TDIU Veterans Disability Claim – VA Disability Unemployability

Many Vets are lost when it comes to applying for Veterans Disability especially VA Disability for TDIU or Individual Unemployability. Often these claims are denied because the veteran has put into much documenation most of which is needless to the VA adjudicator but overwhelms them just the say. Also, many vets do not get the right kind of documentation that the VA needs to process the VA Disability Claim. Having Medical and Psychological Evidence isnt enough, because the VA adjudicator is trying to determine what these disabilities means in terms or work and they are going to give full wait to a Doctor or Psychologist saying a person cannot work when determining a vocational limitation is in the pervue of the Vocational Expert. Yet many Vets are unaware of what a Vocational Expert and Vocational Evaluation can do for them.

VA adjudicator must consider a report documenting the Veteran’s Individual unemployability from a Vocational Expert as EVIDENCE. Create 5 star evidence for the VA that will cut the decision time on your VA disability claim.

TDIU Vocational Evaluation

A Social & industrial survey (Vocational Evaluation) done by a Vocational Expert can be used as valuable evidence to support a veteran’s TDIU Claim, and help get Faster Decisions, in short you can cut months of your VA disability claim decision.

Many times the VA uses a Social Worker to fill a basic form out, but a Social Worker isn’t an Expert in Medical & Psychological issues in disability nor are they an Expert in Vocational Issues. This is why you need this performed by a Vocational Expert to document your disabilities in worker trait and outline individual unemployability.

Forensic Vocational Experts have the clinical knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap between a person’s medical & psychological limitations and how they will affect the persons employability, so that the VA Adjudicator will be informed as to how the medical and psychological limitations affect a person’s employability. With the right documentation and evidence it can cut the VA’s decision time in processing your VA Disability Claim.