Forensic Vocational Expert

 SouthEast Vocational Experts: Leaders in Forensic Mental Health & Vocational Evaluations.

TDIU- Vocational Evaluations

Disability Evaluations

Divorce Evaluations & Spousal Supports

WIOA – IDEA Transition Assessments

The Vocational Expert has knowledge in all disability groups including orthopedic, neurological, traumatic head injury, developmental disability, psychiatric, emotional, and speech/language, and autism.

SouthEast Vocational Experts  accesses the latest information available, utilized by government and private sectors, as well as physical and cognitive testing, to determine an individual’s employability, earnings capactiy, and capacity to compete in today’s job market. We investigate the labor market to identify Job Openings, Employment  Opportunities and Potential Earnings  within appropriate geographical areas.

Forensic Vocational Expert and Rehabilitation Assessment

  • Medical Record Review/Chronology/Analysis re: Residual Capacity and Damages
  • Perform Referrals and Collaboration with Physicians, Psychologists, Economists, Work Capacity Evaluators, and Life Care Planners
  • Loss of Earning Capacity Analysis & Loss to Labor Market Access
  • Vocational Evaluation -Testing – IQ, Achievement, Work Samples, Interest, etc.
  • Labor Market Survey/ Labor Market Research
  • Employability, Placeability issues.
  • Retraining and Rehabilitation Plan Development, RAPEL Method
  • Coordination of Life Care Planning Services
  • Job Analysis and Reasonable Accommodation Consultation
  • Disability Management and Return to Work Consultation
  • Vocational Expert Testimony

What you can expect from our Vocational Expert Assessment:

  • Objective, defensible (Daubert & Kumho) and thorough approach with attention to detail
  • Expertise relevant to a wide variety of disabling conditions and occupations
  • Professionalism and reliability

A Vocational Expert Assessment helps you prepare and document your – Personal Injury (Economic damages)

  • Auto liability/Bodily injury/No Fault
  • General/Product Liability
  • Medical Malpractic
  • Wrongful Death (vocational and earning potential)

Divorce- Vocational Expert Assessments are becoming more popular in this venue.

  • Spousal maintenance and child support (employability, placeability, and earning capacity)
  • Retraining plans, costs, and time frames
  • Consideration of Health of spouse and/or child, childcare

File Consultation

Vocational  Assessment of files or report of another Vocational Expert can be valuable tool that attorneys can use in case preparation.

SouthEast Vocational Experts has experience in working with attorneys, paralegals, legal nurse consultants, and life care planners to assess vocational issues in cases. Vocational Expert witness services are not always needed.


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