Career Counseling

As Certified Vocational Experts we offer Success in complete career development services. Our clients receive one-on-one, customized assessment and  counseling designed to identify their skills, personality traits and interests and uncover their working styles to understand their work personality to find satisfying careers to meet their needs.

SouthEast Vocational Experts  individual career development services are right for you. Whether you are in high school and in need of transition planning or  embarking on the road to a new career or have established yourself in a career, our goal to create a  Success Driven attitude that will empower you to identify the skills, actions, and knowledge you need to succeed.

We use a numb of high powered psycho-educational vocational assessments suited to our clients needs.

We can help people who:

  • Are in High School and need of Transition Planning.
  • Are looking to start a new career
  • Are seeking a new Career direction, but are unsure which path to take
  • Are making a major Career change
  • Are seeking to advance within the field they are in
  • Are considering investing in continued education or certifications
  • Have recently relocated
  • Are looking for satisfaction within their professional life

SouthEast Vocational Experts provides complete career development services. Our clients receive customized counseling designed to identify their skills, personality traits and interests and uncover satisfying careers. Often, career assessments are administered and individually interpreted such as, the vocational Profile Inventory, WAIS, MMPI-II, the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, Career interest tests, personality tests, The Strong Interest Inventory and others. These assessments can yield important career information that can lead to exciting new careers. Counseling often helps make an immediate career transition. Sometimes, additional education or training may be required to make the change. Your counselor will help you make the appropriate decision and assist you in finding the necessary resources to make the changes necessary to succeed in a new career.

When you are ready to begin your job search, our counselors help you develop job search strategies that will help you succeed in your career transition. Result-oriented resumes and cover letters are created that result in interviews with potential employers. Practice of interview skills is an important part of the service and pertinent feedback is given to each person to build confidence and interview more effectively. The counselors at Success Image takes you from finding the right path to completing your job search journey.

YOU CAN Free yourself from doubt

In today’s ever changing Technical and Global environment, people are changing jobs and careers more frequently than ever before, less than 7 years on average. Some changes occur by choice, but many are involuntary, due to disability, outsourcing, technology, etc. A change of job or career is typically the cause of much distress. Feelings of doubt or fear often accompany a job change. Success Image aims to alleviate these negative, stressful feelings and empower you to constructively address change.

YES – We can help you adapt to changes

We provide Success attitude. We  assists clients in conducting a complete and comprehensive self-assessment. This self-assessment reveals skills, personality traits, and career interests that provide the client with a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of achievement. In today’s constantly changing and highly competitive workplace, career seekers must be able to transition their skills and adapt readily to change. People are often unaware that their skills may be employable in emerging careers. When you consider that we each spend approximately one third of our life at work, it is misfortunate to be unchallenged, unhappy or unfulfilled. The Career Center provides individual counseling and career assessment to assist and support men and women who are reinventing themselves and their careers or trying to grow within their current career. .

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step-Turn small steps into a fulfilling journey

One reason you may find it difficult to change or build careers is because of the misconception that the change must be accomplished in one big leap. Typically, this is not the case. You can often take small steps that lead you to where you want to be professionally while continuing to earn income. By viewing the career transition in this manner, you allow yourself to focus on the future rather than on the past. In order to make a successful transition, you must be willing to invest the time and energy in the process and enlist the support of others.

Success Image Career Counselors takes clients through a step-by-step process that helps identify and focus on career goals. You will explore new career options and make important decisions concerning your future. Throughout the entire process, our career counselors are available to assist you through individual counseling in person or on the telephone. Sessions lasts approximately 75 minutes.
We will help you Believe in yourself

A lack of self-confidence is often the greatest barrier between a person and his or her career objectives. A lack of self-confidence can be self-defeating, often contributing to fear of change, an unwillingness to pursue desires, a sense of failure, and can hinder personal motivation. A self-confident person has the ability to overcome fear and act on opportunity in a positive and purposeful manner.

Confidence building is an important factor in all of our programs. The programs are designed to reduce fear and build confidence based on self-belief. A series of proven confidence-building exercises and techniques are used that enable even the most timid person to address fear and gain confidence. .

Confidence-building is an ongoing process. Our counselors are available to help our clients throughout their careers. In addition to counseling sessions, Success Image offers ongoing coaching sessions, in person or on the telephone, after the initial program is complete.

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