Divorce Vocational Evaluation


SouthEast Vocational Experts provides comprehensive evaluations. The purpose of a Vocational Expert in divorce litigation is to determine the earning capacity of a spouse or a plan for increasing that earning capacity when alimony or child support must be calculated. If an individual has a long term, salaried job, this is a simple task, however, this rarely is the case when earning capacity is a litigated issue.

What is a Divorce Vocational Evaluation or Spousal Earning Capacity Evaluation and what all is involved?

SouthEast Vocational Experts has become recognized for personalized service in determining a fair assessment of a spouse’s income potential in regard to spousal support and/or child support in divorce cases, and for success in enabling thousands of injured workers to successfully re-enter the job market. We use the most up-to-date computer programs to evaluate skills and interests in order to provide timely and efficient services.

A Vocational Expert in divorce proceedings can determine:

  • Spousal maintenance and child support (employability, placeability, and earning capacity)
  • Retraining plans, costs, and time frames
  • Consideration of Health of spouse and/or child, childcare and Return to Work
  • Vocational Expert witness services are not always needed.
  • Current Labor Market Value of an individual’s skills and talents
  • Ability to be retrained in higher paying work with a more promising future (rehabilitative alimony)
  • Comparable values of work skills when an individual is self-employed but showing a business loss
  • Feasibility and value of Self-Employment

Divorce Vocational Evaluation Assessment

Divorce Vocational Evaluation Expert

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