Pre Employment Test

Will Help you Hire the Right Person for your Team:

As Vocational Expert Professionals, we deal with many different kinds of people issues on a daily basis.  SouthEast Vocational Experts uses pre employment screening to help you hire the right person(s), the first time, so you are no longer stuck asking yourself “when are we going to get good people?” or “they looked so good on paper and sounded good in the interview, what did we miss?”


Every time an employee resigns you waste countless hours searching for a replacement. Employee turnover costs you serious training dollars, not to mention the cost of BAD HIRES. Pre employment screening will save you time and money so that your human resources department is not bogged down with personnel issues that could have been avoided.


Pre employment testing will help you reduce the time you spend dealing with people issues. You can’t afford to spend half your day dealing with personnel issues. If you find that the people in your Human Resources Department are wasting their time solving personality conflicts or trying to “fix” your current employees then the success of your business is really at stake. Pre employment screening will help you choose employees that will make positive contributions to your business.


  • LAB Profile
  • Personality & Behavioral Assessments – See how well a candidate will fit the job before extending a hire offer
  • Skills Testing — Gauge a candidate’s true skill levels in a variety of applications
  • Background Checks — Keep your workplace safe, you can be sued if you hire a person with violent passed
  • Drug Screening — Ensure you promote a drug-free work environment

A Pre Employment Screening  Will Help You Improve Productivity and Profitability!

Using a pre employment screening test(s) will help you improve your company’s productivity and allow you to make your team more effective. Hiring the right sales people will mean that sales targets won’t be missed. When you hire the right people you can rest assured they won’t miss productivity targets.

Pre Employment  Screening Tests Will Help You Find Leaders

Employment tests will help you identify candidates that are natural born leaders so that they can use their leadership qualities to help improve your business. It’s a real problem when managers have to spend so much time dealing with people issues. We will provide you with information on employment screening so that you can:

  • Ensure your current managers are more effective
  • Avoid manager and employee personality conflicts
  • Identify the best potential leaders and then invest in their development.

Pre Employment Screening is Easy

We have helped companies to:

  • Hire to the right job fit every time to reduce turnover.
  • Hire an Individual with that right BEHAVIORAL Traits for the position
  • Learn how to Motivate current employees based on their Behavioral & Language Filters
  • Coach current employees to be more productive.

Strategic Workforce Planning through Pre Employment Screening

Pre Employment Screening or just getting a LAB Profile on current employees  will help you to build a high performance organization through the use of employee assessments and give you the ability to:

  • Hire the right people every time.
  • Reduce turnover costs and wasted training dollars every year.
  • Re-organize your company for bigger profits today.
  • Build high performance teams that produce maximum results.
  • Keep your top leadership people and make them highly effective.
  • Know where your bench strength is and identify the best leadership potential within.
  • Never hire a bottom performer again.
  • Maximize the potential of your current employees to improve profitability now.