TDIU Total Disability Individual Unemployability TDIU

Often the VA doesn’t understand how medical and psychological limitations affect a Veterans Employability or Individual Unemployability.

The VA’s ALJ’s are often making TDIU decisions based on limited information because the Veterans limitations are not addressed in Vocational Terms and so the Judges are trying to figure out how X relates to Unemployability. In order to meet TDIU Requirements, you really need a Vocational Expert to do a TDIU Evaluation.

Forensic Vocational Expert has the clinical knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap between a person’s medical & psychological limitations and how they will affect the persons employability, so that the VA Adjudicator will be informed as to how the medical and psychological limitations affect a person’s employability. This is how a person can get 100% disability due to TDIU.

Total Disability Individual Unemployability(TDIU)

A veteran is entitled to a 100% TDIU disability rating if he can establish that his service-connected disabilities preclude him from obtaining/maintaining- substantial gainful employment, Individual Unemployment

VA adjudicator must consider a report documenting the Veteran’s un-employability from a Vocational Expert.

Vocationl Expert TDIU Evaluation

SouthEast Vocational Experts: Leaders in TDIU Veterans Disability, Forensic Mental Health & Vocational Evaluations. We provide a Comprehensive Evaluation that will give the veteran Objective Medical Signs and Symptoms as required by the Code of Federal Regulations.

TDIU Vocational Evaluation

A Social & industrial survey (Special Vocational Evaluation) done by a Vocational Expert can be used as valuable evidence to support a veteran’s TDIU Claim, and help get Faster Decisions.

Many times the VA uses a Social Worker to fill a basic form out, but a Social Worker isn’t an Expert in Medical & Psychological issues in disability nor are they an Expert in Vocational Issues.  This is why you need this performed by a Vocational Expert to fully document your TDIU issues.

Vocationl Expert TDIU Evaluation

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Must have 70% service Connection for TDIU

Services Seeking-TDIU-Evaluations are Private pay and range from $800 to $1,500


Total Disability Individual Unemployability(TDIU) serviced in South east as well as TDIU Evaluations nationwide.

TDIU Requirements


The VA, Veterans Disability and what is needed to get a PTSD Disability Rating for VA Disability and TDIU:

In the past, the VA has maintained strict requirements for claiming PTSD disability but in recent years these have become less stringent. Since 2010, veterans are no longer required to prove that the PTSD-triggering event actually occurred. This applies to combat veterans and any veteran who experienced fear of hostile terrorist activity.


  • A current PTSD diagnosis
  • A statement about the event that caused their trauma
  • Consistency between the veteran’s statement and the conditions of their service
  • A medical opinion that the stressor had a sufficient enough impact on them to cause PTSD

We use Advance Forensic Mental Health Evaluations to give objective evidence of your PTSD and other Mental Health issues and are able to relate these issues and limitations in Vocational Terms. This is something other professionals can Doctors cannot do, and what the VA ALJ’s are trying to do in a vacuum unless you have a Vocational Expert outlining the issues in Vocational Terms.


If you have a PTSD Rating and you are having problems Obtaining or Maintaining Employment due to your Service Connected Disabilities and the VA is not increasing your disability rating you should consider a TDIU Vocational Evaluation


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We can provide PTSD evaluations, TDIU Evaluations, and Veteran Disability Evaluations nationally.

Social & Industrial Survey is one of the structured interview styles the VA wants to have done.